Oculon Hikari Pro920 and Pro1440 - DSP

Damn Small Projectors. The 920 measures in an 86x44x85 millimeters, that's tiny. So tiny Oculon, for now at least, gets to claim the world's smallest title.

The 1440 is an LCoS modle and can throw a 20" display from up to 2 feet away. It cranks out a 20" screen and an 800x600 resolution with inputs for composite or D-Sub15 which means your computers and game consoles should be good to go.

The 920 drops it down to 25 lumens and a mere 15" screen with a smaller 640x480 resolution. The 920 will cost you $300, and the 1440 will cost you $400, so, for the cost of an iPhone or iPod Touch you can have a really small projector.

Oculon's Hikari Pro920 might be the world's tiniest projector [via engadget]