OBSBOT Tail AI camera tracks your unforgettable dances and stunts

JC Torres - Jan 6, 2019, 6:00pm CST
OBSBOT Tail AI camera tracks your unforgettable dances and stunts

Smartphone cameras are getting more sophisticated and more powerful these days and their AI-powered features and autofocus capabilities are becoming even more reliable. But no matter how good a smartphone camera may be, it still requires someone to hold it if you want to film your award-winning performances or death-defying stunts. Sometimes, the best smartphone camera for the job is not a smartphone camera. It’s really a job for Remo’s OBSBOT Tail, dubbed the world’s first Auto-Director AI Camera.

Strip away the buzzwords and it really means just one thing. This camera follows you, or any subject of your choosing, wherever you go, making sure it captures any and every fleeting moment, movement, and memory. You don’t need to perch your phone precariously on some makeshift stand or ask someone to hold your gimbal for you.

Like any intelligent device these days, the OBSBOT Tail is made possible both by hardware and software innovations. On the hardware side is a three-axis 360-degree gimbal that ensures buttery smooth movement in any direction. The 12 megapixel sensor enables 4K video recording and HDR10 dynamic range, and its portable and lightweight design leaves you fewer excuses not to bring it with you.

Those specs, however, would mean nothing if not for Remo’s special AI sauce. Driven by a HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, the OBSBOT Tail can intelligently follow chosen subjects or, alternatively, ignore them, zoom in or out to ensure everything is in framed perfectly, and even recognize hand gestures to perform some designated action.

With the OBSBOT Tail, it’s like you have your own photography and cinematography director with you all the time. You can even mount it on a wheeled accessory so it will literally follow you around as well. If the idea of making the next viral video by yourself appeals to you, wait next week when Remo launches the OBSBOT Tail on Kickstarter.

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