Oblivion Coming to PSP, PS3

Benjamin Nied - Sep 29, 2006

All Elder Scrolls lovers around the world rejoice; the hugely-popular RPG will soon be coming to a Sony console near you. If you’re one of the resourceful chaps capable of acquiring a PlayStation 3, you can rest assured knowing that Oblivion will be shipping alongside the console at launch time. If you’re the proud owner of a PlayStation Portable, you’ll also be getting a version of Oblivion, but not until Springtime.

Not content with giving PS3 owners a brand-spanking new game to play on launch day, the PS3 edition of Oblivion will feature a new faction: the Knights of the Nine; this faction’s quest is to become “Divine Crusaders”. The PSP version promises to be similar in style, but with a new scenario, new controls (due to the PSP’s lack of two shoulder buttons per side), and probably some other exclusive content. What we don’t know is how/if the two version will be able to talk to each other, but that would certainly be one more feature over the Xbox 360 and PC editions, now wouldn’t it?

[via GamePro]

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