Oblivion 1080p Movie Trailer revealed with Joseph Kosinski attached

Because you've more than likely never heard of the story behind "Oblivion", you're going to have to start with a viewing of the trailer and an understanding that this movie was first a graphic novel – aka a comic book. This story is about the future, it's got a lot of rather confusing elements made to excite your pants off, and you're going to freak out over the massive amounts of action in the trailer alone. You'll not know more until the third paragraph of this post after the trailer is viewed.

This movie has Tom Cruise as its head, Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko as well as Andrea Riseborough working to support the lead, and a massive amount of effects. This movie is directed by the same fellow who directed TRON: Legacy, that being Joseph Kosinski, and it's coming to you via Universal Pictures. Have a peek at the trailer here right this minute!

The original story from Joseph Kosinski (yes, director and original writer) follows the drone repairman here played by Cruise through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Drones exists throughout this future Earth where the wasteland effect has been made a reality due to a massive war that, as Cruise mentions, we've "won".

This movie will be released in the most massive theaters on the planet sometime in April in the year 2013. You can expect IMAX action from your local massive screens as well as a global release similar to what we saw back when TRON: Legacy was first sent out unto the world. While the film version of this story was originally purchased by Disney back in 2010, a failure to create a product that'd be able to be released with a PG rating resulted in the sale of the movie rights to Universal Pictures.

This movie has a $100 million dollar budget and started filming all the way back in October of 2011. Kosinski was also responsible for the short film "TR2N" which you'll get to take a peek at below (this being the film that caught the comic book lover's universe in 2008, two years before the eventual release of TRON: Legacy), and he'll be directing Tron 3 (whatever it'll end up being called) as well as The Black Hole (a remake of the 1979 sci-fi classic). Just you wait and see!