Objet debuts new Objet30 Pro 3-D printer

A company called Objet has released a new 3-D printer called the Objet30 Pro. The company calls is the most versatile professional desktop 3-D printer on the market. The new printer is capable of using seven different materials for flexibility in printing out 3-D objects. The company also notes that for the first time in a desktop system, the device can use the clear transparent material and high-temperature resistant material.

The printer is designed for rapid prototyping solutions for designers and engineers who need to print real representations of virtual objects they design. The company says the new 3-D printer slips into its existing line starting at $19,900. These things aren't something you'll buy to put on your desk to play with.

Among the seven materials of the printer can use is a clear transparent material called Objet VeroClear. The high-temperature material is heat resistant and intended for static functional testing. Another material is a propylene-like white material for simulated snap together parts called Objet durusWhite. There also for other rigid, opaque materials that come in black, white, gray, and blue colors. The new printer has a build tray measuring 300 x 200 x 150 mm allow for various shapes and sizes of parts to be printed.