Obama keyboard lets you be the speech puppet master

We have a ton of DIY projects that are really interesting rolling around the geeky tech world this month. I have already looked at a few of them recently and another one has caught my eye. If you ever wished you could just take control of President Obama and make home say what you want to hear for a change a this Obama speech keyboard is for you.

The keyboard looks normal enough and the builder hacked it with samples of words from the president's inaugural speech in 2009. When you press the keys, you get samples of the president's voice saying each word. You can make him speak random gibberish if you want or you can attempt to string together actual sentences.

It looks like both the white keys and the black keys have their own words strung together. I wonder what the president would say if you hit the keys in the order needed to play chopsticks. Check out the video below to see the presidential keyboard in use.

[via Make]