Oakley 3D glasses get RealD certification

If you have seen a 3D movie in the theater chances are the flick used RealD technology to get the 3D effects. Oakley has announced that it's cool premium 3D glasses have gained the RealD certification. These are the same glasses that we have seen before in Tron livery.

The RealD Certification means that the glasses are guaranteed to provide a realistic and immersive 3D watching experience for the wearer. The glasses are sure to be more comfortable than the cheap plastic frames that you get at the theater too.

"Oakley is an iconic brand known worldwide for delivering innovative eyewear," said Joseph Peixoto, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD. "This certification validates that Oakley eyewear meets RealD's high standards of quality and are compatible with RealD 3D-equipped theatres around the world, giving moviegoers the option of seeing their next RealD 3D film in style and comfort uniquely Oakley."