O2 offering 10% discount for outage victims

The O2 network outage affected millions of customers across the UK last week, and naturally users weren't too pleased. As a result, O2 has stepped forward to offer up compensation to all the customers that were affected. On its blog, the carrier notes that 10% will be offered off of July's bill, which will be applied in September. That's the equivalent of three days worth of service even though the outage only lasted a day.

Pay As You Go customers will also get in on the action, with 10% additional credit being applied the first time they top-up their balance in September. Even better, you don't have to do anything as O2 will apply the discount and credit automatically. O2 will be adding a cherry on top too, promising all customers a £10 voucher that they can use in O2 stores to pick up accessories or credit.

Anyone affected by the outage that's eligible for the discount will receive more details on July 27th. That includes personal and business customers with less than 10 connections to O2, although we wonder what will happen for those who have more lines with the carrier. Still, it's a nice gesture. Hit up O2's blog for the full rundown.

[via Engadget]