O2 Joggler home media tablet price slashed

We weren't entirely convinced by the O2 Joggler – a 7-inch touchscreen home tablet intended to pull together a family's calendar together with offering internet radio and other functionality – when it launched for £149.99 ($228), and even after a price cut to £99.99($152) it still seemed on the expensive side.  Now, though, O2 have slashed the price in half, which means you can pick up the hackable slate for £49.99 ($76).

That gets photo and video browsing, traffic and weather updates, news and local media playback, with internet connectivity via WiFi.  The deal apparently ends on April 15th, and from today O2 will be offering a number of free apps from their Joggler app store (including Google Maps, YouTube, Google Calendar and more).

[via Twitter and via HotUKDeals]