NZXT's Lexa S Gaming Chassis Is Too Good To Pass Up for PC Gamers

Modifying cases for PCs isn't a new thing, especially when it comes to gaming on a PC. Those long nights in front of the monitor are not only bad for your eyes, but also for that standard PC you may have cramped up underneath your desk. That's where getting a new case comes in, and frankly, there's not much better of a manufacturer to do it, than NZXT. We've covered them a few times in the past, and each time we are equally impressed in the quality of their products. This time around, the Lexa S manages to surprise us yet again.

"We really wanted to offer gamers a solution for under $70 that offers optimal performance with out compromise" said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT. "With Lexa S you get enhanced airflow, sleek aesthetics, superior cable management and added features like an SSD bracket."

First and foremost, getting a bang for your buck is huge, and NZXT has delivered well in this regard. At $70, this thing is a steal (don't steal it), and should definitely be on the radar for anyone who's serious about gaming on their PC. The Lexa S is designed for enhanced airflow first and foremost. It has the capability of 5 fans within the chassis, which include 120mm fans on the front, side, and exhaust. There's another, 140mm fan on the top of the box, just to make sure that air is getting circulated. NZXT includes the fans, as well as a fan controller that controls dual intakes and exhausts independently and effectively optimizes your computers performance.

Other features include the sexy aesthetics, a smoked clear window along the side of the tower, and an all black interior. There is a 5.25-inch stealth bay, to hide away any extra wires you may have lying around. There's even an ambient light above the drivers within the case, just to get a bit more show in the box, as well as adding visibility when it is needed. A bracket for two Solid State Drives (SSD) is even included. This is a great piece of technology, especially for the price, and should be picked up when it's made available at the end of September, for an MSRP of $69.99

[via NZXT]