Nyko outs another 3DS accessory called Game Boost

I don't know about you, but any time my iPhone or other game console runs out of power on the go, it's generally right at the point where I am about to win a race or beat a certain boss. That makes the device turning off on its own doubly sucky. Nyko has been trotting out a lot of new Nintendo 3DS peripherals at E3 and the latest of them is called the Game Boost.

The Game Boost is designed to add up to two more hours of playtime to your 3DS. That will be plenty of time for you to wrap up whatever boss you are beating or race you are winging and find an outlet in many cases. The device attaches to the back of the 3DS to work along with the factory battery in just a few seconds. The battery is thin and compact to add minimal bulk to the 3DS.

The Game Boost doesn't block any of the ports, sliders, or buttons on the 3DS either. To recharge the Game Boost the user needs only to connect it to the factory charger. That means that on the go you only need to carry the Nintendo 3DS charger to keep the battery and the console powered up. The Game Boost will sell for $12.99.