Nyan Cat YouTube video gets amazing custom load bar [Video]

Ladies and gentlemen, put down your cellphones and close your laptop lids. Well, don't, because you'll need the internet to see YouTube's latest stroke of genius. Nyan Cat is known for its beautiful Pop Tart body and tendency to leave rainbows wherever he's been, and now YouTube has given it the time bar it deserves.

Gone is the boring YouTube blob, replaced by a colorful mini Nyan Cat scampering across the screen. In a way, it's a metaphor for the passing of time and the transition of our lives, though of course only if you also have a tail and are only rendered in 8-bit graphics.

If the custom time bar doesn't show up below, you can find the official video here. We now return you – inescapable tune stuck inside your head – to your regular gadget coverage.