NxSET-Music1 headphones look out of this world

At first glance, the NxSET-Music1 doesn't exactly look like a pair of headphones, does it? Maybe something more out of a science fiction film, but definitely not like something you could just use to sit back and groove to music with.

Okay, so let's break these down a bit. These headphones strap around your neck and then project the music toward your ears by mean of speakers and a high-fidelity amplifier. Now, this just can't possibly sound good. And if you're going to go to the effort of wearing headphones (or in this case, should I say neckphones?) what's the point of having the music project outward for all to hear?

But still, the makers of this funky headgear say it produces "rich bass, crisp, clear middle and high range sound." I somehow doubt it, but I'd love to be proven wrong. However, the fact that they run off of 2 AA batteries and feature a 2.5mm jack indicate this might just disappoint.