NXP unveils LPC1100 Cortex-M0 MCU family

NXP has announced a new line of ARM Cortex-M0 based LPC1100 microcontrollers. The company claims that the LPC1100 family is the lowest cost 32-bit MCU solution son the market. The new MCU also promises that it needs 40 to 50% less code to operate than comparable 8/16-bit MCUs.

NXP claims that the MCU line has over 45 DMIPS of performance compared to 3-5 DMIPS for 16-bit MCUs. The energy consumption of the new MCU family is also lower despite higher-performance. The MCU needs to be clocked at 50MHz and needs less than 10 mA of power to operate.

Other features of the processor include 32 vectored inputs, four priority levels, dedicated interrupts on up to 13 GPIOs and more. The development tool for the processor is available for $30 from NXP and the chips will sell for as little as $0.65 each for 10,000.