NXE ActiveSLEEVE Arm Sleeve for smartphones and more

Shane McGlaun - Feb 25, 2011
NXE ActiveSLEEVE Arm Sleeve for smartphones and more

If you are an active person that likes to hit the gym or run and you like to exercise with your smartphone of MP3 player you might be looking for a sleeve that will keep the thing handy and safe while you exercise. A new sleeve has been unveiled by nxeProducts called the ActiveSLEEVE.

The ActiveSLEEVE is a universal fit device that will work with just about any smartphone or music device including things like the iPhone, iPod, Droid X and just about anything else you can think of. The sleeve comes in three sizes and sells for $29.99 for two sleeves per pack. That means you have one to wear and another to wash.

The strap is made from moisture-wicking material that is breathable and stretches so allow full movement and freedom. The pocket you skip your device into is cushioned and lined with foam mesh. Your device is kept inside the sleeve with a Velcro closure flap. The ActiveSLEEVE is shipping right now.

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