NVIDIA's new Quadro cards offer workstation performance for as low as $199

When you want workstation performance and reliability out of your computer, you usually have to pony up over a grand for a high-end graphics card. However, NVIDIA has released four new Quadro graphics cards that come in many different flavors, including one option called the K600 that costs only $199.

The other three Kepler-based Quadro cards are the K4000, K2000, and the K2000D. The K4000 is the beast of the bunch, racking up 3GB of on-board memory and costing a whopping $1,269. The K2000 and K2000D are similar to one another, both of which are priced at $599 and come with 2GB of onboard memory, but the K2000D comes with native support for two dual-link DVI display connectors, which NVIDIA says is ideal for "interfacing with ultra-high-resolution medical imaging displays."

Furthermore, the K4000 has 768 CUDA Cores, a memory bandwidth of 134 GB/s,and 1.246 teraflops. The K2000 has 384 CUDA Cores, 67 GB/s of memory bandwidth, and 733 gigaflops. The budget card of the bunch, K600 isn't as fast, but for the money you're paying, it's not a bad deal. You're looking at 192 CUDA Cores, a memory bandwidth of 29 GB/s, and 336 gigaflops.

Currently, the Quadro K5000 is the flagship card of the series, but for those who don't need that much power out of their rig, you can grab cheaper versions that may be suited for more your speed. NVIDIA says these new cards deliver twice as much performance as previous-generation cards, and features larger and faster on-board memory to keep your graphics-intensive projects going strong.