NVIDIA's CES 2013 press conference now available for all to see

If we were to list the companies that have enjoyed a really, really big CES 2013, NVIDIA would probably rank toward the top. Not only did the company announce new and interesting things like GeForce Experience and NVIDIA GRID, but it also unleashed the Tegra 4 mobile processor on the world and introduced us to Project SHIELD, a new Android-based gaming console of sorts that has everyone talking.

We were there reporting on it live as it all unfolded before our eyes, but if you'd like to experience the whole thing for yourself, then you'll be pleased to know that fine folks at NVIDIA have popped it up online for everyone to watch. If you're a fan of NVIDIA or even gaming in general, this might be a good press conference to check out, as NVIDIA has a lot of cool things coming down the the pipeline. Of course, you're bound to see a stumble or two during the conference as well, so there's another reason for you to watch.

NVIDIA has put the entire press conference up on Twitch.tv, so head over there if you'd like to give it a watch. At one hour and 48 minutes long, though, it's certainly one of the more lengthy conferences we've seen here at CES, so you might want to make some popcorn or put on your comfy pants before firing this one up. At any rate, get ready to watch a number of very exciting announcements.

We'll hopefully be getting our hands on some of these new NVIDIA products and services really soon, at which time we'll be able to better judge the claims NVIDIA made throughout its press conference. We'll be able to take a much more in-depth look later on, but for now, be sure to have a look at our hands-on with the Project SHIELD to see some early impressions. All of news from the show can also be found at our CES portal, so stop by there while you're at it!