NVIDIA working on under $45 integrated chipset capable of 36 GFLOPS

NVIDIA is fighting with everyone in the business, first it was their long time feud with competitor ATI, and then AMD bought them and inherited that beef, now NVIDIA is fighting with Intel claiming they can easily out-perform Intel's Celeron-based 945 IGP/ICH4 setup. They are also claiming that their system will be the most affordable Vista Premium Certified system available at under $45.

The numbers spell it out too, Intel's Celeron+G945+ICH4 setup can't run Blu-Ray, can't run Vista Premium, can't support DirectX 10, and only gets 6.4 GFLOPs. NVIDIA's proposed setup would use VIA's Isaiah processor, you know, the one that can run Crysis on a single core 1.8GHz chip, and then the rest of the chips would be from NVIDIA including an integrated graphics solution from NVIDIA that would combine to give you Vista Premium, Blu-Ray playback, DX10 support, and 36 GFLOPS for around the same price or less than the Intel solution.

Yes, you did read that right, the VIA process can run Crysis, a game which is currently used to benchmark high-end gaming PCs, no word on how well it can run it, but the fact that it can at all is simply amazing. Personally I wholly support our new NVIDIA/VIA overlords, its about time someone stepped up and started making Intel and AMD both work for their money.

[via Engadget]