Nvidia Unviels 8800 GTX, $830 Pricetag

Staff Editor - May 2, 2007

As AMD prepares for the release of its new flagship graphics card line later this month, Nvidia is upping the stakes with it’s plans to release a new high-end version of it’s 8800 series graphics processor.

This new card is expected to be available worldwide on May 15th and is promised to run 10 to 15% faster than it’s 8800 GTX predecessor. While the card maintains the same number of stream processors (128) and memory (768MB), increased frequencies on the board increase it’s bandwidth from 86.4 to 103.7GB/s.

The real question remains though, is this increase in performance worth with the $830 estimated price tag?

Nvidia unviels $830 GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card [via tgdaily]

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