NVIDIA to Gobble up mobile communications firm Icera

NVIDIA has made no attempt to hide its desire to be in the processor market over the years. The company right now has one of the more interesting movie processors from smartphones and tablets with the Tegra line. Tegra processors are inside some of the best performing tablets and smartphones on the market. NVIDIA has announced that it has taken a new step towards getting a better foothold in the mobile communications tech world.

NVIDIA has announced that it plans to acquire Icera and the graphics firm is offering up the reason why it wants to buy Icera so bad. According to big green Icera is going to allow NVIDIA to closer to being "the" processor company for the post-PC era. NVIDIA says the purchase immediately opened the door to the baseband processor market and brings new talent to NVIDIA.

Icera has baseband tech that spans 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and when that tech is joined with Tegra processors it will be a powerful combination reckons NVIDIA. Big Green also notes that the new tech will allow for faster-time-to-market, better integration, and lots more. When the acquisition will be complete and exactly what it is costing NVIDIA to buy Icera is unknown.