NVIDIA SHIELD TV will have two successors

After NVIDIA bowed out of the mobile rat race, it didn't completely step out of the Android market. In fact, by removing smartphones and tablets from its attention, it was able to pour all its focus on the NVIDIA SHIELD, an Android TV device that just keeps on giving nearly five years later. That said, the device is showing its age and there have been signs of a new NVIDIA SHIELD but, apparently, it won't just be one but will have two models coming hopefully really soon.

When it first launched, the NVIDIA SHIELD's Tegra X1 chip definitely ran circles around the competition. Four years later, it is far outclassed by modern chips in terms of processing power. Its GPU, however, remains competitive as evidenced by its use in the Nintendo Switch handheld console.

Still, the device itself is far from perfect and users have been complaining about faulty hardware. The Android TV box also lack support for some of the modern technologies. Good thing that there was a new SHIELD TV that came by FCC. It turns out that there is yet another one also in the works.

The new SHIELD that is referenced as "sif" might not be the SHIELD TV that most will want. It seems to be a stripped-down version without a TV tuner or even a USB port. There will be an SD card slot, at least, but it seems that "sif" is intended to be a more compact version that is more geared towards cloud-based gaming.

The NVIDIA SHIELD has been quite dear to its users and Android fans because of the company's almost tireless software support for the device. Hopefully that will carry over to the two new SHIELD devices when, and if, they get announced.