NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro still available, production merely delayed

JC Torres - Apr 29, 2020, 9:03pm CDT
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro still available, production merely delayed

There has been a surge in purchases of entertainment consumer electronics these past months because of the prospect of being bored at home. Many of these involve the likes of smart TV and consoles like the Nintendo Switch but some have also opted to finally get their hands on NVIDIA’s latest Android TV device. Much to their surprise and dismay, some outlets have listed the SHIELD TV Pro as “discontinued” but NVIDIA is quick to assure them that it isn’t the case at all.

It is definitely puzzling if NVIDIA discontinued the SHIELD TV Pro, especially considering it just launched a new model half a year ago. NVIDIA has been more modest about hardware upgrades, extending the lifetime and usefulness of its SHIELD TVs for years through software updates.

NVIDIA now explains that the console and smart TV box in one is still in production. Actually, it’s production has been delayed and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing retailers to run out of stock. And when retailers run out of stock with no known date for the next batch, they simply use the rather misleading “Discontinued” label, at least according to NVIDIA.

The SHIELD TV Pro is admittedly not the shiny new product that NVIDIA pushed last year. That title belongs to the tubular non-Pro SHIELD TV (2019). The new design and new remote make that base model flaunts may make it more interesting but, as its name also says, it’s also not the all-in-one entertainment device you might want.

The good news is that NVIDIA says that fresh stock of the SHIELD TV Pro is already on its way to partners so that consumers can start buying them again. Given NVIDIA’s track record, the $200 Android TV device is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially with the new features the most recent generation introduced.

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