NVIDIA SHIELD TV Android Oreo rollout isn’t going smoothly

JC Torres - Jun 27, 2018, 9:00 pm CDT
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Android Oreo rollout isn’t going smoothly

Despite, or probably because of, not having Android smartphones, NVIDIA has had an amazing track record when it comes to pushing out updates, both maintenance as well as major features. Last month, it started the process for putting Android 8.0 Oreo on its SHIELD TVs via Experience Upgrade version 7.0. Now it is making that available for all users but not everyone seems to be happy about the quality of its latest update.

The SHIELD Experience Upgrade 7.0 is available for all Android TV models, from the older 2015 model to the SHIELD TV Pro to the 2017 refresh. The update does more than just bring Oreo to an admittedly old device, it brings in a new Home Screen, updates to apps, and enhanced features for the SHIELD Controller.

The latter, however, seems to be one of the bumps that users are experiencing with the update. Some are reporting that controllers have stopped working after the update. But that’s not all. Some seem to have issues finding apps in the redesigned home screen while others are complaining about the use of the slow YouTube HTML5 web app over a native one.

NVIDIA SHIELD updates have mostly been uneventful and welcomed but there’s always the chance of things slipping through the cracks. Given the time between the initial announcement and this general rollout, however, you’d presume those kinks would have been ironed out by now. Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find an OEM like NVIDIA who continues to support its niche devices long after others would have left them to gather cobwebs.

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