NVIDIA SHIELD European plug recalled over safety concerns

When speaking of potential fire hazards and electronic devices, we usually think about faulty batteries or exposed cables. Who would have thought that a plug adapter could be just as dangerous. But that's exactly the worry that has caused NVIDIA to announce a voluntary recall program in Europe to replace the two-prong plug head that ships with the NVIDIA SHIELD. Apparently, the build quality wasn't so great that it could potentially break off and give users the shock of their lives.

The power adapter for the SHIELD itself is safe, or at least that's the assurance. Unlike some chargers, the SHIELD ships with some removable heads for different regions with different plug types. It is, after all, easier to just have one charger with different heads than different chargers per plug type.

For one reason or another, however, the European head seems to be faulty. It could break off, leaving certain parts exposed that, in turn, could lead to electrocution. That is, unfortunately, one of the potential disadvantages of having this type of removable head. Interestingly enough, this flaw is only found in the European head, while those for other plugs remain safe, says NVIDIA. It is perhaps due to the design of the head, which certain looks more prone to breaking than others.

Since the problem is limited to only a few markets in Europe, users will have to check for themselves whether the plug they have is part of the recall program. Unfortunately, there is no serial number or code to check and users will have to do visual inspection on their own. There are telltale signs though, which NVIDIA naturally provided. You first have to remove the plug head and turn it over. If there is no "B" in one of the corners and if the row of squares indicated doesn't have "punch marks" in the last 2 triangles of row 16, then you're eligible for a recall.

The recall is both limited and voluntary. Only plugs shipped in European markets are eligible for the recall, though it doesn't say whether those who bought their SHIELD from Europe but are using them outside the region are included. Users must also replace the plug themselves as NVIDIA will only send a free replacement head.