NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Plex app adds 4K support

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV console just became a little more appealing, at least for Plex faithfuls who prefer to stream their content in the highest quality possible. Today NVIDIA announced that the Plex software that comes pre-installed on its SHIELD Android TV console has been updated with new features, and among those new features is 4K-resolution streaming and HEVC (H.265) support. The app can be updated now through the SHIELD Android TV device by opening the software.

Plex, for those who are unfamiliar, is an app that is available on multiple platforms for those who want to aggregate their local media content on a single device and stream it across multiple televisions/set-top boxes. It goes beyond just streaming the content, however, also doing things like pulling down movie posters, star ratings, and more.

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NVIDIA announced the new features today, saying that in addition to the 4K streaming support, the new Plex update also brings Dolby Digital Plus surround sound support, and support for the MKV file format. The next time you start Plex on your SHIELD device, you'll be prompted to upgrade.

If Plex isn't your thing, SHIELD can also be used with Kodi, formerly known as XBMC. This is a similar media system, and it likewise supports 4K resolution, as well as HEVC, and more. Those who are interested in this app can grab it from the Google Play Store.