NVIDIA RTX 3060 coming next week with a tempting price tag

NVIDIA is having one hell of a time meeting the non-stop demand for its latest RTX 30-series graphics cards but it seems that one of its strategies to compensate is to make yet another one. Of course, the affordable NVIDIA RTX 3060 has been rumored for quite a while now so far be it for the world's biggest graphics tech company to bow out because of a supply shortage. It seems that all things are ready to go for the company's cheapest 30-series card and it might be launching as early as next week.

The shortage of NVIDIA RTX 30-series cards can perhaps be blamed on a combination of factors, including perhaps the company's own marketing machinery. A global shortage of raw components since last year and the Chinese New Year season this month has practically ensured that NVIDIA wouldn't be able to supply the demand until after the first quarter of this year. In the meantime, it is employing a few strategies to keep the GPUs flowing, even if it's not what consumers were looking for in the first place.

On the one hand, NVIDIA will be bringing back the RTX 2060 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards to fill in for the RTX 30. Of course, it won't be an exact fit as these cards are from yesteryear's generations. The GTX 1050 Ti, in particular, launched back in 2016.

That said, NVIDIA will launch the RTX 3060 on February 25 to the tune of $329. This slots lower than the RTX 3060 Ti with 12GB of GDDR6 memory and some of the company's RTX applications. There aren't yet many details available but we won't have to wait long for the official info sheet anyway. Sadly, The Verge was told there would be no Founder's Edition for this graphics card.

Given the high demand for any RTX 30-series card, the affordable RTX 3060 will most likely fly off the shelves as well. This, of course, will bring NVIDIA back to its original problem of not having sufficient supply for the high demand it's generating, something that continues to disappoint NVIDIA customers and fans.