NVIDIA readies GTX 360 and GTX 380 video cards

Shane McGlaun - Dec 14, 2009
NVIDIA readies GTX 360 and GTX 380 video cards

The video card market has been hurt by the poor economy for sure. To address the slipping sales of high-end video cards NVIDIA and ATI have been sticking pretty much to mid-range and low end video cards over the last few months with a few exceptions. NVIDIA is now apparently set to launch a couple new high-end parts in a new family called GTX 300.

The new GTX 300 line will include the GTX 360 and the GTX 380. The GTX 380 will offer more performance than the ATI HD 5970 video card in some benchmarks with the GTX 360 apparently coming in a bit under the 5970 in some benches.

Considering that the GTX 295 was an expensive part when it first launched we can probably assume that the GTX 380 will be a $500 or more part when it launches. Both of the cards are based on the DirectX 11 compatible Fermi architecture.

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