Nvidia readies 65nm GPUs for fall this year

CPUs are not the only chip that starting to get into 65nm node manufacturing process. nVidia is preparing to get into 65nm GPU manufacturing by fall 2007. nVidia uses 80nm half-node process on its current mainstream and low end GPUs.

The first GPU to be release this fall that uses the new 65nm process will be 8400GS and also cards with G8M GPUs. These new cards will also feature support for the PCIe 2.0 standard.

nVidia's rival AMD has jumped into 65nm process for its GPU with HD 2400 and HD 2600, however their high end HD 2900XT is still built on 80nm technology. We will see AMD's HD 2950XT and HD 2950XTX later this year with 65nm technology.

[via techconnect, via vr-zone]