nVidia Quadro FX series gets entry-level and mid-range cards

the Quadro graphics cards are pretty amazing, primarily used in professional settings such as engineering, medical fields, digital video editing, and some financial fields. They can get pretty pricey to with some of them hitting the multiple thousands of dollars range.

Well now there are some considerably cheaper options namely the FX 370 and the FX 1700. These new GPUs will also support the CUDA technology which allows the PC the card is installed in to offload some mathematical processing onto the GPU which excels at math computations.

The Quadro FX 370 is the bottom of the line now and starts at a highly affordable $129. the Quadro FX 1700 isn't the next up, but it's the other new card hitting at $699, they both appear to be available now.

NVIDIA mid-range and entry-level 2D and 3D Quadro boards for professionals [via fareastgizmos]