NVIDIA Kepler Graphics Processor Landing Second Half of 2011

NVIDIA held their own event on Tuesday, and while there weren't any announcements about a Tegra 2 tablet, there was a few things to take away from the conference. Namely, what NVIDIA has planned for the years to come. While everyone may be focusing on the usage of Tegra 2 right now in all sorts of things, even smartphones, NVIDIA is already hard at work on their next graphics processor, known as Kepler, which is set to land in the second half of 2011.

NVIDIA plans on going into production later this year for the new graphics processor, and suggests that the design is progressing at a very rapid rate. He elaborates by saying that the company has hundreds of engineers working on Kepler. The chip is based on a 28nm process, and will deliver an estimated performance boost per watt three to four times better than that seen in NVIDIA's Fermi line-up.

But, NVIDIA's looking further into the future, too. They also announced that the graphics processor after Kepler would be codenamed Maxwell, and as you might expect, be even better than what NVIDIA is boasting with Kepler. In fact, the company suggests that Maxwell will be able to provide a 16-fold increase in parallel graphics-based computing. Maxwell is set to break into the market in the year 2013.

[via Reuters]