NVIDIA: GTX Titan is a supercomputer in your home

Here live at GTC 2013 Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO, NVIDIA took the stage for the opening keynote, and quickly got things started off by jumping right in with the GTX Titan. Obviously NVIDIA is extremely proud of the brand new single-GPU powerhouse, and we're expecting plenty of details to quickly follow.

NVIDIA's CEO already is talking about what we can expect to see this year at GTC, and the opening keynote will have 5 main things you can all look forward too. One, we'll hear plenty about the breakthrough in "supercomputing" we've never seen before. As well as all the breakthrough's this year has already given us.

We'll get a broad update on GPU computing as a whole, how it's progressing, and where it's headed. Then what I'm sure many of you are waiting for is the NVIDIA Roadmap. Then last but not least NVIDIA will have a new product announcement. That will be last, so stay tuned for all the details.

While on stage Jen-Hsun Huang stated they didn't know what to call their new GTX GeForce graphics card that you see above. After realizing it was more than just a GPU, but a GPU that truly brings supercomputing to our homes, they settled on the GTX Titan — and we think that's fitting. Stay tuned folks.