NVIDIA GTX 10 Notebooks revealed: not just "M" anymore

Today NVIDIA revealed their next-generation graphics processing technology – the GTX 10 series – hitting notebooks. The full GTX 10 graphics card series is coming to notebooks – no "M" included. "This is something we've wanted to do for years," said Mark Aevermann, Product Lead, NVIDIA Notebooks. "If you take the very same notebook that was available in Maxwell and you compare it to the same notebook with Pascal, you see a 70% increase in performance."

"Gaming notebooks are the fastest gaming platform out there – bar none," said Aevermann. According to DFC Intelligence 2016 report on Gaming Notebooks, The Xbox One has an install base of 29M, PlayStation 4 has 52M, and gaming notebooks have an install base of 20M.

"We're seeing a lot of interest in gaming laptops," said Aevermann "The overall PC market isn't doing so well, so when you can show 30% growth in gaming notebooks, you see a lot of interest."

"Right now our share is 90 to 95% in gaming notebooks, and we don't expect that to change any time soon."

"They're the same chip [as in their same-name desktop GPUs], they're configured a bit differently," said Aevermann. "We're in a more constrained environment so we have to do everything we can possibly do to squeeze out performance."

GTX 1080 notebook

• Cuda Cores: 2560

• Boost Clock: 1733 MHZ

• Memory config: 8GB, 10 Gbps (GDDR5x)

GTX 1070 notebook

• Cuda Cores: 2048

• Boost Clock: 1645 MHZ

• Memory config: 8GB, 8 Gbps

GTX 1060 notebook

• Cuda Cores: 1280

• Boost Clock: 1670 MHZ

• Memory config: 6GB, 8 Gbps

"There is a gaming notebook for every gamer," said Aevermann – proving this point with a collection of 15 different units for demo later in the day at the event we were at. "Every major manufacturer will be releasing gaming notebooks with GTX 10 GPUs inside."

"This is our biggest launch for gaming notebooks ever."

Stay tuned for more release information, processing power, and notebook news incoming quick!