NVIDIA GPU Pascal detailed for 2016 release

Onstage at GTC 2015, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the next-generation in GPU power with Pascal. This GPU takes the place of Maxwell and will be arriving around the year 2016. After this is Volta, coming in 2018. This GPU is suggested by NVIDIA to be coming with 10x the performance of Maxwell. That's with what Huang suggested was "CEO Math" – with "very rough estimates," that is to say. Not final, but likely close to reality. Huang asked for forgiveness from all the people working on the real math – but it'll be close.

This GPU works with Convolution (compute) 4x (FP16) Mixed Precision, Fully Connected (bandwidth) 6x with 3D memory on the forward path. The backward path works with fully connected (bandwidth) 6x with 3D memory and convolution (compute) 4x Mixed Precision.

This GPU also has a weight update – interconnect, that is to say, at 10x with NVLINK.

With 3x memory bandwidth, we're pumped to see this next generation in graphics action. A 32GB GPU with 3D memory is just what's needed to drive the next generation forward – and upward.

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