NVIDIA GeForce NOW leak "speculative" games: Play anywhere God of War, GTA, Arkham

A bit of a leak hit the gamer underground this week with NVIDIA GeForce NOW at the center of the hubbub. This leak appears to have been of a GeForce NOW database and included what NVIDIA described as "speculative titles." This leak also seems to be relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things – if we're talking about personal information, which NVIDIA says did not leak in any way.

As noted by WCCFTech this week, NVIDIA suggested that they "took immediate action to remove access to the list," (the GeForce NOW list that leaked), and "no confidential game builds or personal information were exposed." They also said that the games list wasn't actually all that controversial, given that the names of games were either already released or "speculative titles," that were "used only for internal tracking and testing."

As such, the games on the list – which remains interesting nonetheless – is not actually a confirmation of the existence of any game named. It DOES give us a little insight into what NVIDIA might be expecting will come to their platform in the future.

On the list were titles like Batman: Arkham Knight RTX Remaster, BioShock RTX Remaster, and Mirror's Edge RTX Remaster, all of which would be absolutely amazing if ever actually brought to reality. They've also listed a set of PlayStation exclusives and oddities such as:

• Avowed

• Crysis 4

• Forza Motorsport 8

• Payday 3

• God of War

• Final Fantasy VII Remake

• Death Stranding Director's Cut

• Demon's Souls

• Returnal

• Ghost of Tsushima

• Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas (all remastered)

• Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

• Dragon Age 4

• Gears 6

Look like a good list to you? Would having access to all of these titles make you more likely to subscribe to a play-anywhere game streaming service like GeForce NOW? Cross your fingers for the God of War on ALL the platforms reality for the near future!