NVIDIA GeForce NOW game streaming to add new titles every week

A gaming distribution system lives and dies by how many games are available for it. Moreso for game streaming services that challenge the old ways games are licensed and distributed. The latter is one of the problems that NVIDIA faced when it made its GeForce NOW game streaming open to the public, causing some publishers to suddenly yank out their products. To assure earlier adopters that everything is well, the graphics tech giant is committing to a weekly cadence for adding new games to its catalog.

Perhaps prompted by Google's Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud, NVIDIA pushed GeForce NOW out of beta for everyone to sign up for, at least in supported regions. That, however, troubled some game publishers over potential breaches in contracts and Activision, Bethesda, and 2K Games yanked out their titles from the service.

NVIDIA, however, got a vote of approval from Epic Games' outspoken CEO Tim Sweeney. It is perhaps no coincidence that Control, which is available from the Epic Games Store, is being put under the spotlight as GeForce NOW's latest addition. The sci-fi action game also supports RTX ON, which means ray-traced graphics are streamed to users' computers, even if the latter isn't capable of it.

Control is just the beginning, NVIDIA promises. It will be adding one new game every Thursday, a show of strength to dispel doubts about the longevity of the service without many games to offer. It is also announcing that now until March 30, its Free-to-Play Weekend will be adding the Sunset Harbor expansion to Cities: Skyline.

NVIDIA is also announcing the availability of Game Ready on GeForce NOW, an auto-update system that gamers with NVIDIA cards might be well familiar with. It is practically a promise of instant gaming once you run a GeForce NOW title, with all the patching and updates happening in the background before you even begin.