NVIDIA GeForce Experience revealed for universal instant game optimization

This week at CES 2013 Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and Co-founder of NVIDIA stepped on stage to reveal GeForce Experience, a new technology environment made to instantly optimize your gaming experience. He began back when the world changed via mobile, starting with the iPod "a thousand songs in your pocket". Interestingly, Huang's talk went through the course of 10 years in a few minutes of mobile history, landing on streaming as the key technology for today.

He then made it clear that the big missing piece in the puzzle of today's mobile-connected universe is, in NVIDIA's view, the one relatively untouched market insofar as you're able to play, as he put it, "the same video game on any device" without tethering. Huang went on to speak on the powerful markets within gaming on the PC, speaking on the high points in game sales in general, speaking on how interesting it is that the gaming industry continues to grow but, at the same time, remains stagnant (so to speak).

Huang moved on to Game Settings and how when they first arrived, it was both a blessing and a curse – not everyone wants to make the amplifications needed to make the game run at its highest potential. "Dad I just want to play it", said Huang, speaking on how back when his son installed technology NVIDIA made with the G80.

With the NVIDIA GeForce Experience – aka GFE – your game will be optimized based on your hardware. With the press of a button, your machine will be able to work instantly at top-notch mode. The performance, scalability, and experience you should have, instantly.

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