NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 - big, beasty, shiny, and pricey

This is the perfect card for playing your HD video content and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD movies on, and that's it. Those 256 stream processors, dual GPU's, and 1GB framebuffer just isn't good enough for doing anything more than watching movies.

It has a core clock of 600MHz, a shader clock of 1500MHz, and a memory clock of 1000MHz. It has 1GB of memory with a 512-bit memory interface and memory bandwidth of 128GB/second with a texture fill rate of 76.8 billion/second.

It has an ESA enabled control panel for tweaking and controlling the video card, and with the HybridPower feature you can switch to using your motherboard's integrated graphics for every day computing instead of cranking up this beast of a card just to do some work in Word. The down side is that it costs around $600, but with this and that new NVIDIA motherboard you can throw together your own Quad-SLI system, sort of.

[via engadget]