nVidia GeForce 8800M GTX SLI configuration for hardcore gaming on the go

James Allan Brady - Jan 28, 2008

Once again nVidia has claimed the most powerful mobile graphics solution title by combining a pair of super fast 8800M GTX GPUs. I don’t think there is a single game out now that this duo can’t display at max resolution with a more than decent frame rate.

Watching HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray movies shouldn’t be a problem either. The fact that the cards do hardware-based H.264 decoding is nice for watching movies and playing around with your latest recorded content.

I am just wondering how many laptops out there have a large enough screen to take advantage of these graphics cards? Oh well, it doesn’t matter much, but for now, Dell is the only official retailer with a notebook that has this combo in it, I presume Alienware isn’t far behind either, and then there will be a ton more that are released soon, I’m sure.

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