NVIDIA Dual GPU GTX 595 Video Card Leaks

If you are a computer gamer you are probably drooling all over, your keyboard right now at through of the gaming prowess that you can get from the GTX 595 pictured here. This dual GPU beast will supposedly host a pair of GF110 GPUs that are linked by a bridge chip thought to be the NF200.

Naturally, NVIDIA hasn't offered up any hard specs or confirmation on this card, this is a leak and as such, a grain of salt or two is needed. According to the rumor, circulating alongside the leaked images the card will have 3GB of RAM, which makes sense considering individual new GPUs have 1.5GB.

Outputs apparently include three DVI-D ports, which would make for some impressive 3D Vision Surround gaming for sure. The card will suck down the power as evidenced by the dual 8-pin PCIe power-connectors. Before we get all excited the GF110 GPUs are not confirmed, the card could have the less impressive GF114 GPUs. What we can bet on is if/when NVIDIA drops this card into the market, it will probably be the card Big Green uses to grab the "world's fastest video card" title back from AMD. All I know is that I want two.