NVIDIA drops Optimus automatic graphics switching on notebook world

NVIDIA has offered its hybrid graphics system for a while now that lets the notebook user take advantage of either an integrated GPU when demands are low and battery life is the goal, or a discrete graphics processor when more GPU power is needed. The goal is to make a system that lets the user get power or battery life depending on their needs. The system so far has relied on the user to decide when to switch between graphics modes.

NVIDIA has debuted new Optimus tech that takes over the task of choosing what GPU to use and switches between the two automatically depending on what is needed at the time. The machine will know when you stop writing that email, switch to playing your favorite PC game, and change the GPU used without you even having to think about it.

NVIDIA claims that the new tech will work with the new Intel Core 2010 line of processors as well as the Pineview Atom parts that are prolific in netbooks and nettops. NVIDIA GPUs that support the new Optimus tech include the GeForce 200M, 300M, and next-generation GeForce M and Ion GPU families. The first laptops to use the Optimus tech are expected in March from Asus.