NVIDIA CEO races toward GPU Computing "tipping point" at GTC 2013

This week at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spoke about the ever-growing GPU-utilizing universe, in both the mobile and desktop computer global environments. According to Huang, there will be more than 400 sessions at GTC. "This is the Mecca for scientific discovery", said Huang of GTC 2013, "Nothing's more important than the research being done on GPU computers."

Huang ran through massive amounts of GPU-friendly happenings and upcoming events, including bits and pieces like the following:

• A 50 Gigapixel Camera being developed at the U of Arizona.

• GPU-accelerated diamond cutting.

• CUDA utilization for dating site matching compatibility.

• Oak Ridge's Titan Supercomputing using 40 million CUDA processors together for 10 petaflops of power.

• Swiss Supercomputing Center starting construction on Europe's fastest GPU Supercomputing Center Piz Dant – made for weather forecasting purposes.

According to Huang, GPU supercomputing is taking hold at an undeniably quick rate.

"If we're not at the tipping point for GPU Computing, we're racing at it. There's a huge spike in GPU-based computers being built for real work – about 20 percent of total Top500 horsepower is GPU. Included in this is the world's most powerful supercomputer, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan supercomputer." – Huang

Read more about Titan in our most recent update on the machine and know this – SlashGear's experience with the GeForce GTX home-ready GPU is coming up quick, too – stay tuned! Of course you'll also want to stick out the full conference with us here on SlashGear as we cover the entirety of the show, front to back. Have a look at our GTC 2013 tag for more information and stay tuned for more amazing rendering beastliness!