NVIDIA announces PhysX and APEX support for PS4

Heads up, folks. NVIDIA will be invading the PS4 as the company has announced PhysX and APEX support for the recently-announced gaming console. Both PhysX and APEX are software development kits from NVIDIA that will allow game developers to design new PS4 games with stunning graphics, similar to what we saw during the PS4 reveal last month.

NVIDIA's product manager for PhysX, Mike Skolones, says that "great physics technology is essential for delivering a better gaming experience and multiplatform support is critical for developers," and "with PhysX and APEX support for PlayStation 4, customers can look forward to better games." Indeed, both PhysX and APEX should make games more realistic with life-like movements and scenery.

PhysX is designed specifically to be used with hardware acceleration in processors and graphics cards, and the technology allows for more complex and detailed worlds in video games, including more-realistic explosions, clothes that react more naturally to the wind and body movements, and of course, better life-like motions of characters.

Both PhysX and APEX are already integrated into a handful of games. NVIDIA boasts that PhysX alone is featured in more than 150 games, and is used by over 10,000 developers. Some games that are taking advantage of NVIDIA's technologies include Borderlands 2, the Batman Arkham series, Mirror's Edge, and Metro 2033.