NVIDIA 790i SLI Ultra - has more radiator fins that my truck

I know heat dispersion is a hard thing to control, furthermore, I know that the more power we give these chips, capacitors, and all that jazz, the hotter they get, but look at the picture below, at some point you just need to start bundling liquid cooling and give up on the conventional cooling methods. However, the features are strong with this one and it's a badass motherboard.

You get 32 lanes of PCIe 2.0 goodness for use with your SLI configuration, and that's just a good start. You also get DDR3 support as well as a native 1600MHz FSB for that precious DDR3 to run on.

NVIDIA also has released the GeForce 9800 GX2 which is their single-slot, dual-processor graphics card. That card and this motherboard couple with a nice SSD, some DDR3, and a nice over-clockable dual core Intel processor ought to pull a premium, but you might definitely want to consider the water cooling suggestion.

[via tweaktown]