NuVo upgrades their music server to 500GB - upgrade from your 160GB version

Alright, I'll admit, I'm impressed with NuVo and the systems they offer. However it seems they should probably let someone else make the music servers if a 500GB music server is going to sell for $3000. The thin profile of this component, sleek design, triple outputs, networking capabilities, and OLED screen make it an interesting proposition.

However, it's still really, really hard to swallow a $2999 price tag on anything with a 500GB HDD inside. On the upside it does support all types of DRM, supports quick sync with Windows Media Player, and supports non-compressed files as well as WMA, MP3, and WAV.

There is a USB port on the back so you can connect the server to your computer, there is also an Ethernet connection, as I said, three audio outputs, but not in HDMI or digital audio out, just the standard RCA jacks, it also has a capacitive touch interface on the front next to its OLED screen and it of course works with all of NuVo's other products. Sadly though, there still isn't a single feature that screams out to me this is worth the asking price, however, if you are already using any of NuVo's other products, the interoperability is sufficient enough to tip me.

[via NuVo]