Nuu drops interesting iPhone clamshell with keyboard at IFA 2010

Back when the original iPhone launched for the first few weeks I though the onscreen keyboard really sucked. Then I became used to it and now I can type faster on the onscreen keyboard than a real one. If you never got used to that onscreen keyboard, an interesting case surfaced at IFA from a company called Nuu.

The device is called the Mini Key and it is a case that promises to fix the antenna issue the iPhone 4 suffers from, protect the phone, and it adds a physical keyboard as well. The iPhone becomes a fat clamshell phone when inside the case and you can flip it open to access the keyboard for typing messages and notes.

The keyboard has raised keys in the familiar QWERTY layout. The thing uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone and has a HID compliant Broadcom chip inside and it runs off a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery. The price for the case is $69 and it should be in stores in time for Christmas.

Via Jezlyn