Nutshell from Prezi may be your new favorite iOS photo app

Your pictures should tell a story, or at least that's how Prezi feels. the company best known for making a visually stunning Powerpoint alternative now has their own photography app for iOS, which stitches your photos together along with custom graphics and text to tell a mini story. The aim is events and gatherings, where you can quickly cobble together moments, and share them as a tiny video representation of your day (or night). The app is currently available on the App Store, and is free to download and use.

Using Nutshell is simple: take three photos, then add some text or vector art, and let the app do the rest. In stitching your photos together, Nutshell also adds animation, which appears to be footage snapped before and after your "picture" was taken. It's a move we see used often as best practice for capturing the perfect image, where the series of photos are overlaid onto one another then edited.

Nutshell's 'photos' accomplish the same thing as Prezi's presentation app does in providing a pausing point for your mini movie. If you're familiar with Prezi — and you should be if Powerpoint bores you to tears — you'll be instantly at-home with Nutshell.

First timers will also find Nutshell easy to use, though. The in-app experience is easy to pick up on, and all text or graphics use the familiar drag-and-drop method for moving them around. Text even takes a different angle if you move it toward the edge of a picture.

Though Nutshell has no platform to speak of, Facebook and Google profile linking are built in, and there's automatic sharing to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as well as email, Messaging, or WhatsApp. Nutshell seems like it would find a big audience with Vine, though.

Source: App Store