NuTera HD7000 nanopatterning solution for HDD makers set to usher in terabit era for storage

When it comes to storage for our computers and other devices consumers and manufacturers are always looking for higher capacities and more speed. To add more storage capacity to hard drives, drive makers need new construction methods that allow for increased areal densities.

A company called Molecular Imprints has announced its new HDD manufacturing solution called the NuTera HD7000. The device is a new Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography platform that allows drive makers to build HDDs with sub-20nm lithography at production speeds.

Molecular Imprints claims that the new system will allow drive makers to put storage drives on their roadmaps boasting densities well above one terabyte per square inch. The system will also allow significantly higher storage capacities in mobile devices as well. The company says that it has sold 13 of the new machines so far to some of the largest HDD makers in the world. The first machine is set to ship this month.