NuForce launches 2-inch Cube all-in-one speaker

NuForce, makers of consumer and professional audio solutions, has launched a new all-in-one portable speaker called the Cube. The tiny device measures only 2-inches tall and manages to pack in three functions. It offers great sound and acts as a headphone amplifier as well as a USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC).

The Cube promises a high-end audio experience with superior sound you won't find in other portable speakers. Despite its small size, the Cube offers audio with detail, depth, and dimension. It also acts as a optimized amplifier for headphones, boosting clarity, detail, and power.

Additionally, the Cube's uSB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) accepts digital music directly from the computer but bypasses the computer's onboard DAC, which is typically inferior in quality. The NuForce Cube is available now for $119.

[via NuForce]