Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant gets location aware and other new features

Nuance has been offering its Dragon Mobile Assistant application for Android users for a while now. The company has announced that it has added a couple new features to the application that will make it even more useful. The new features include a proactive assistant and new location sharing capabilities.

The application has always featured the ability to act as an assistant for Android users allowing them to do things such as get directions and more using their voice and the app has a number of other features. One of the new features is Location Sharing and Friend Finder. These features allow users to do things like say, "Tell John where I am."

The application will then send your contact a text with a link to a map showing your specific location. You can also ask the application "where's John." If John gives permission, Dragon will send you a map with his specific location noted. Another new feature is called Calendar Call Assist.

The application will automatically dial the user into any call set in the calendar as an appointment. That means if you have a conference call set up, the application will automatically ask beforehand if you want to dial in to the call. The app will then initiate the phone application and start dialing for you. The new update also allows the application to read incoming text messages aloud and gives you the ability to respond by dictating your message and delivering it for you. The application sports Android 2.3 and higher and can be downloaded as a beta right now.

[via Nuance]