NTT Hikari iFrame Android slate arrives in Japan 2010

Room in your heart (and on your end-table) for another Android tablet?  Non-Japanese geeks need not apply, but sometime between April and September next year NTT will push out this 7-inch touchscreen Android slate.  The Hikari iFrame is being positioned as one part digital photo frame and one part web tablet, with WiFi for internet access along with various widgets for weather, calendar, news and even recipes.Video demo after the cut

There's also an SD card slot, speaker, USB port and a battery for wireless use, though NTT haven't said how long that actually lasts.  It's expected to be popular with Japanese women in their 20s, and be priced at between $220 and $330; NTT claim using Android rather than another OS helped bring prices down by around 20-30 percent per unit.

[via CrunchGear]